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Founded by Carson Marshall, Clearing the Stage LLC combines guided meditation with music and spoken word to deepen the audience's listening experience and help them build emotional resiliency and self-regulation.

Clearing The Stage commissions international musicians, poets, and meditation guides to create experiences that take listeners through an emotional arc of intensity.

What makes this work special is its embracing of musical tension and dissonance. Supporting and challenging the listener to sit with whatever may come up for them during the session.

This work is highly engaging and gives the listener a rich focal point for their meditative practice. 

Currently Clearing the Stage offers a free podcast, produces live events, and online concerts.

Try this work for yourself with our free podcast below

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Clearing The Stage is committed to being an anti-racist, multicultural community. We actively join in the work to dismantle systemic racism and oppression against black, indigenous, people of color, women, LGBTQ+ and members of other marginalized communities currently found in the arts and wellness industries. To reflect this commitment, Clearing The Stage is taking the following steps:

1. 70% of featured artists will identify as a member of one or more of the communities mentioned above. 

2. Podcast episodes are free for listeners to stream online, live events are donation based, and private sessions and events are on a sliding scale

3. All featured artists will be compensated directly by Clearing The Stage for their work.  

4. We only accept funding from organizations that share our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

This list is not complete. As this organization grows, these commitments will continue to grow and reflect Clearing The Stage’s desire to contribute to a more diverse, equal and inclusive world.

Image by Tony Woodhead

"Be as passionate about listening as you are about wanting to be heard."

Brené Brown

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